Sudhir Chandra Das

In the heart of our family's history lies an extraordinary man, Sudhir Chandra Das, a woodworker and artist whose talents knew no bounds. Though he lacked a formal degree, his innate creativity and passion illuminated every masterpiece he crafted. With skilled hands and an artistic soul, he sculpted wooden daily use pieces and mesmerizing artworks that captured the essence of his imagination.


Beyond his artistic prowess, Sudhir was a devoted father to eight children, four sons, and four daughters. He lovingly nurtured them, imparting invaluable life lessons with every step he took. His presence was a guiding light, teaching us the values of resilience, dedication, and compassion.


As a true leader, Sudhir exemplified the principles he held dear. He led by example, instilling in his family the importance of unity, respect, and empathy. With unwavering determination, he overcame challenges, inspiring all of us to face life's hurdles with strength and grace.



Today, his family tree extends to more than 35 members, each branch flourishing under the legacy of love and creativity he cultivated. We are immensely fortunate to have spent our childhood days in the warmth of his wisdom and kindness. His constant encouragement and unwavering support instilled in us the belief that we, too, could achieve greatness.


In every wooden masterpiece and artful creation, we see a reflection of his spirit—a testament to the beauty he brought into the world. The memories we hold dear are a mosaic of joy, laughter, and inspiration, all woven together by the hands of our remarkable grandfather.


As we journey through life, we carry his light within us, shining brightly in the paths we choose to walk. His influence continues to motivate us, to dream big, and to cherish the bonds that tie our family together. Sudhir Chandra Das, the woodworker, artist, and true leader, remains an eternal source of love and inspiration in our hearts.